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ScreenMarker is a tiny free tool that allows you to paint objects, highlight elements, and add annotations to your screen. This utility is especially useful when creating tutorials or highlighting specific elements during a live presentation. You can easily toggle between your cursor and the program’s tools so that you can continue with your presentation without closing ScreenMarker.

The program opens a small interface for you to select the desired tool, brush, shape, and color. The brushes are customizable in terms of size and appearance, and they can be used either in free-hand mode or to draw specific shapes. These include rectangles and circles or ellipses, both in transparent and opaque mode. You can also draw straight lines easily, or try different custom shapes and lines using the program’s free-hand tool.

ScreenMarker comes also with an eraser that will let you remove parts of any of the lines or objects drawn, and you can remove any of the objects created with just one click. The interface comes with its own palette visible at all times, thus allowing you to change colors quickly.

ScreenMarker is simple enough to be of use to anyone needing a highlighting or marking tool that is both efficient and easy to use. It requires no installation, so you can save the executable file on a USB stick or any other external storage device and carry it with you everywhere. The program would be greatly improved by adding to it the possibility of selecting and moving across the screen any of the objects drawn. Other than that, I can’t find any reason not to recommend this straightforward and efficient app to anyone.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Easy to use
  • Requires no installation
  • Portable executable file
  • Suitable for all users


  • Drawn objects and lines cannot be moved across the screen
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